Thursday, 21 February 2019

GT55 Turbo VE R8 Clubsport

Recently converting his supercharged setup to a very large single setup Luke brought his car down to us to dyno tune.

Still using the factory GM PCM a set of High Impedance Quickbitz Flow Matched Bosch Motorsport 1650cc injectors were fitted, along with a pair of Walbro 525 Intank Fuel Pumps on a dual pump hanger.

Having the correct injector data dramatically improves the accuracy and repeat ability in the tune, Allowing the factory E38 PCM to make accurate compensations  over variables such as injector control voltage. This is why i choose only to run unmodified and flow matched injectors in any builds i am involved with.

A Turbosmart Eboost 2 was installed to take care of the boost control, and a T400 Transmission in place of the original 6L80 Unit.

Under the hood is where you can really tell that this is no ordinary R8. with a fair amount of the inner guard removed to fir the massive GT55.

Con from prorace engines built the 418ci cast iron block LS originally when the car was still supercharged with a goal of being able to handle 1000HP

With a stout final power figure of 666rwkw on only 13.5psi i was very impressed.

For any of your LS PCM tuning requirements please contact me @ Quickbitz on 61 3 9768 3184